Mickey The Moose
Start Your Day the Mickey Mart Way!
Mickey Mart

Mickey’s The Name… Coloring’s My Game…

Color & Play, the answer to road trips… Mickey the Moose Year-Round Fun Playable Coloring Book.

This app is designed to take you through Mickey’s year-round activities living in northern Ohio! With 12 illustrations to color and 40 colors to choose from, anyone can express their artistic ability. Animated characters and sound effects further enhance the experience.

Save and store your masterpiece to color and play from anywhere. You can share your unique creation with friends and family on Facebook or spread the word about the app via Twitter or email.

This app is great for all ages, you can feel comfortable knowing your child is using an app that is totally kid-friendly and doesn’t feature any pop-ups or hidden add-on charges.

This FREE app is available for all smart phones, visit Google Play or the App Store and download today!

C’mon and get your color on!!


  • Innovative color palette makes it fun and easy to select colors
  • 40 bold and vibrant colors to choose from
  • Press play to hear and watch Mickey’s year of fun
  • Professional child narrator reads the story to you
  • Sound effects and animation make the story come to life
  • Watch your personalized book or watch a pre-colored version of the story
  • Play a single page or the entire story
  • Personalize and save multiple color creations
  • Share your colored page with friends and loved ones on Facebook
  • Send the app through email or Twitter