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Having your dedication, hard work and loyalty recognized oftentimes goes beyond what may be said to or about you.  When that appreciativeness is proudly and publicly shown for all to see, you can’t help but be proud of the company you’re apart of. 

Everyone has by now noticed that shiny new candy apple red fuel transport truck pulling into their lots.  When that cab door opens and you’re treated to the bearded smiling or snarling mug (depending on your angle) of none other than our very own Ross Harris!

Ross has just achieved a major career milestone with our company, on November 12th of this year, he completed 35 years, roughly 72,800 hours of hauling fuel to our stations, sharing his own special kind of humor day in and day out.  Ross is a man of few words, a man of integrity, a man we’re honored to call friend.

That new truck commemorates this milestone.  Located front and center on the wheel well for all to see is the proclamation of 35 years of grabbin’ gears and still goin’ strong!  He’s still goin’ strong alright…but his days of grabbin’ gears are in the rear-view mirror now.  That new ride features an AUTOMATIC TRANNY!!  That, Ross said was an adjustment for him…Rest those arms Ross, you’ve certainly earned it

Home life for Ross is his happy place.  His wife of 35 years Laura and he have raised two children and now enjoy spending time spoiling their two grandchildren. 

Again, Ross we thank you for your loyalty, your friendship, and look forward to another 35 years!!




“God bless the farmers and truckers. Where would we be without them?”