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Mickey Mart Has A Sweet Spot For America’s Vets

10¢ of Every Candy Bar sold in April will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project

MILAN, OH, March 25 – The entire month of April, Mickey Mart Food Stores will be donating 10¢ of every candy bar sold at every Mickey Mart location to the Wounded Warrior Project to honor the service of America’s veterans.

“We sell many candy bars, so we are very excited about this,” says Dan Coles, President of Mickey Mart and Coles Energy based in Milan, OH.

Mickey Mart has many others throughout north central Ohio. All store locations can be found at http://www.mickeythemoose.com/locations/

Donations can be made directly to the Wounded Warrior Project HERE.

The Wounded Warrior Project provides free programs and services to address the needs of America’s wounded warriors and fill the gaps in government care. The demand for their services has grown from serving a handful of injured veterans to now serving tens of thousands.

They continue to receive hundreds of new registrations from injured veterans, their families, and caregivers each month.

Services provided by the Wounded Warrior Project include programs for mental well-being, physical health, career counseling and special support for the most severely injured. They work hard to help injured veterans live their lives on their own terms.

Mickey Mart includes support for their communities as a cornerstone of their business strategy, so a program like this one fits perfectly with their corporate goals. Mickey Mart is putting all their promotional resources behind this event.

“We’ve always been very proud of the men and the women who’ve served our country. We need to honor those people who defend the things we are able to take advantage of every day in this great nation. Wounded Warrior Project is a great avenue to give back to all those people who sacrificed so much for us,” says Coles.

In addition to the candy bar fundraiser, Mickey Mart and Coles Energy will be supporting the Wounded Warrior Project with a massive fundraising event with the Lake Erie Crushers baseball team during their Superhero Day on August 12, 2018. The Crushers play at Sprenger Stadium in Avon, OH.

Additional information on the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) can be found at http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org.

Mickey Mart Food Stores and Coles Energy are based in Milan, OH. They have more than 40 convenience store locations in north central Ohio. Their stores are distinguished by the presence of seven-foot statues of their popular mascot, Mickey the Moose.