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Norwalk Dunkin Donuts- A perfect fit.

You know how sometimes you just know it’s a perfect fit?!? Opening day for our newest location in Norwalk was officially May 6th 2017.  We are firmly settled as a hot spot in this community now, but let’s take a look back at our beginning!  On opening day, a new …

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And the winner is… Crista Haight!!

We’re pretty sure November 7th started out as a regular Monday for Crista Haight of Wellington, Ohio.  Regular that is till she found out she had won a Brand New Suzuki 400 4 X 4 ATV boasting an awesome camo finish!! Just by swiping her rewards tag each time she …

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Mickey’s The Name… Coloring’s My Game…

Color & Play, the answer to road trips… Mickey the Moose Year-Round Fun Playable Coloring Book. This app is designed to take you through Mickey’s year-round activities living in northern Ohio! With 12 illustrations to color and 40 colors to choose from, anyone can express their artistic ability. Animated characters …

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